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   ✔ Our team of experts will take pride in improving your quality of life or company wellness culture. We deliver training services ranging from fitness training to nutrition and food consultancy. We also offer corporate clients a variety of customised training solutions, geared towards achieving workplace wellness and higher productivity, in addition to wellness focused corporate events services. ✔ Our ambition is to deliver best in class wellness solutions to achieve far reaching positive change in the lifestyles of individuals, company cultures and society as a whole. The approach and philosophy of EVOLVE is to achieve excellence in delivery standards and customer experience across the board providing our clients with a seamless service every time we work with them to achieve their goals. ✔ We have a solid base of talent in house with access to a network of strong business partners providing diversity in our offering and depth and experience in related areas of our core services. Our positioning means whatever service we deliver for you, it will be a gratifying, valuable and time effective experience. We can also offer a range of more focused classes at either your company offices or at one of our venues: B/Attitude, Four Seasons, Dynamik Gym, Mandarin Oriental, Warwick Hotel, Diva Lounge, Biobil. ✔ FITNESS CLASSES WE CAN OFFER INCLUDE: Pilates Yoga Martial Arts / Kickboxing Functional Training Strength and Conditioning Dance Classes We offer coporate wellness workshop covering a range of wellness topics. Our team can adapt existing workshop content, or produce a new workshop on any wellness topic if not included in the following: Our workshops are structured to be 1 hour in duration. We can deliver workshops to both small and large audiences at your company offices or offsite at one of our locations as a focused event or as part of an away day, family day or corporate retreat. ➡️ NUTRITION Introduction to Nutrition - Do’s and Dont’s & How to Eat Clean Nutrition for the Good life (Food education for healthy eating) Food Trap (Diet management & understanding Food Labels) Juice Hit (Superfoods & Juicing vs. Blending) Workplace Nutrition (Daily Nutrition) ➡️ FITNESS & MOVEMENTBody Active Biomechanics (Human Movement)Ergonomics and Posture Awareness (injury prevention) Employee wellness screenings (surveys and biometrics) ➡️ MINDFULNESS & STRESS MANAGEMENT Good Health & Stress Management Day2Day Wellness - Sleep, Hydration, & Meal Planning Power of Breathing Meditation & Mindfulness ➡️ HOLISTIC RELAXATION Sound Journey Cacao Ceremony Massage Technique NATIONAL SPORTS DAY We aim to introduce a sport culture theme to National Sports Day event. We will focus on creating a theme, shaped by variety and vibrancy through colors, branding, activities. Our goal is to create an unforgettable Sports Day event fusing sports and fitness with an atmosphere to be remembered. Suggested Agenda includes: ✔Opening Cermony ✔Fitness Classes for Men and Women ✔Holistic Wellness zone with workshops ✔Team Challenges ✔Tactical and Skill Games ✔Kids Activity Zone EVENT CLASSES Our two event classes are Full Moon Yoga and Sound Journey.These sessions are delivered in a beautiful outdoor setting for 50 to 100 attendees. PAY NOW, TRAIN LATER - MUAY THAI WITH LAUNGOBON - session 5 - validity 1 month - amount 1000 PAY NOW, TRAIN LATER - PERSONAL TRAINING - session 10 - validity 1 month - amount 2500 PAY NOW, TRAIN LATER - CLINICAL PILATES - session 10 - validity 1 month - amount 3150 PAY NOW, TRAIN LATER - BIOMECHANICS - session 10 - validity 1 month - amount 3850 PAY NOW, TRAIN LATER - COUPLE PERSONAL TRAINING - session 10 - validity 1 month - amount 3800

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